Friday, April 5, 2013

Next Xbox console is a “hot, compelling device”, says GameStop boss Microsoft’s next console does some “really cool stuff”, according to GameStop executive J Paul Raines.

As online vendors and digital sales eat into the traditional retail market, hardware remains something bricks-and-mortar can rely on. The last two hardware launches – 3DS and Vita – have been somewhat disappointing for retailers, but Raines said next-gen consoles won’t follow this trend, as many naysayers have predicted.  There will always be a desire to get your game "on", in front of a t.v.
I'm hearing around the web the pricing could be about $350.00 for a 720.  Same for PS4.  Save yer loot kiddos!

Borderlands 2 Level Cap Increase out now

the Borderlands 2Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack is now available via digital download across all available platforms. The new downloadable content pack increases players’ level cap from 50 to 61, as well as unlock a third play through of the game via the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, and a new pearlescent-colored weapons tier – the rarest on Pandora. Best of all, The Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack is being included in the Borderlands 2 Season Pass for free, but it can also be purchased individually for $4.99 (400 Microsoft Points).

“Borderlands 2 continues to captivate audiences well beyond the game’s end, with some of our fans spending hundreds of hours with the game,” said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. “We’re raising the level cap at no cost to our dedicated fans as our way of thanking them for helping to make Borderlands 2 one of 2012’s biggest hits.”
For more information on the Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack, hit up this page on the official Gearbox website.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Xbox Minecraft Update 9 Out Now..

There's a brand NEW Minecraft update available on Xbox Live.  
- Added 'The End', with new layout, and new Enderdragon behaviour.
- Added Climbable Vines.
- Added Fire Charge, Wooden Button, Item Frames, Spawn Eggs, Sandstone Stairs, Spruce Stairs, Birch Stairs, Nether Bricks, Spruce Planks, Birch Planks, Nether Brick Slab, Spruce Slab and Birch Slab.
- Added new music for The End and The Nether from C418
- Made buckets and signs stackable.
- Sheep now re-grow their wool after shearing.
- New gravel texture.
- Can now smelt Netherrack into a Nether Brick in a Furnace.
- Blacksmith buildings in Villages now hold chests with loot of the same type as found in Strongholds.
- Crafting recipe change - Sign recipe gives three Signs.
- Crafting recipe change - Half Slab recipes give six Half Slabs.
- Crafting recipe change - Stone Button now requires one block of stone instead of two.
- Added smoother color transitions between biomes.
- Added beaches to terrain generation.
- Fence Gates can now be opened and closed with Redstone.
- Changed Nether Fortress to make Nether Wart rooms more likely.
- Made Nether Wart spawn randomly wherever Soul Sand is generated in the Nether.
- Nether Wart will now grow in the Overworld.
- Made Dispenser dispense mobs from Spawn Eggs, rather than the egg itself.
- Dispenser will dispense lava/water from a Bucket of Lava/Water.
- Dispenser will shoot Fire Charges.
- Trapdoors can be placed on half slabs and stairs
- Allow players to block with a sword when the 'Can Build And Mine' option is unchecked by the host.
- Moved six of the twelve music disc quests in the Tutorial World
- Changed the Tutorial world to add climbable Vines, and some of the new items, and removed/reduced the items in the Brewing, Farming and Breeding chests.
- Don't show the achievements warning when loading a creative map that has already been saved in creative mode.
- Reduced the volume of the Ghast sound effects.
- Increased the distance jukeboxes can be heard from.
- Improved lighting code performance.
- Improved the loading/saving time.
- Changed the display order in the Minecraft Store to show newest DLC first.
- Added How To Play for The End and Farming Animals
- Added HUD size options for both splitscreen and full screen modes.
- Added Reset Nether option to force regeneration of The Nether. This is helpful for older saves that didn't have a Nether Fortress.
- Added a toggle for Death Messages.
- Added a toggle to hide or display the animated character in the User Interface.
- Allow individual splitscreen users to have their own settings for HUD.
- Fix for a Nether portal crash due to Ghast fireballs
- Fix for Cave Spider size.
- Fixed Experience Orb pickup sound not having pitch variance.
- Fixed a crash when attaching Glowstone to Pistons.
- Fixed a render update problem on the end of world chunks
- Fixed a crash with players throwing Enderpearls and leaving the game.

  • - Stop the player animation for eating happening in the Change Skin menu

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Injustice Gods Among Us demo impressions

Well folks, I've been digging into the latest foray from Netherrealm Studios, Injustice Gods Among Us.  Yes it's only the demo.  Yes my friends, it is delightfully far.  In the demo, now available on Xbox Live Marketplace you can choose three characters to try.  Batman, Wonder Woman, and the always diabolical Lex Luthor.  I've been knocking skulls with the Dark Knight, and let me tell you I am stoked!  The graphics, animations, interactive-well thought out level on display in this demo (Gotham City) is a welcome sight and experience to behold.  I have this one already preordered and I suggest you do the same.

Get the demo.  Buy the game.  Doctors orders. 

Ign playing DCs Injustice Gods Among Us demo

Take a look at what the characters have to offer and how they stack up. Join Greg Miller and Destin Legarie from 6PM Pacific on April 2 for your streaming fix.  The Doctor will be giving his diagnosis shortly.

Monday, April 1, 2013

What's up my Xbox Soldiers!!

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